Saturday, December 30, 2017

Funk Amateur Vector Antenna Analyzer

Recently I purchased a Funk Amateur FA-VA4 kit. I wanted something a little more capable than my MFJ-259B without spending many hundreds of dollars. I'm sure there are much better analyzers but for $120US the FA-VA4 gives me the impedance measurements, SWR sweeps, etc. that I wanted without breaking the bank.

Although this is technically a "kit" most of the board comes pre-built. You only have to add some display connections, a switch, the BNC jack, and the battery holders. It's an easy build and worked right away.

FA includes a set of connectors to use when self-calibrating the analyzer. They refer to this as a SOL procedure-- S)hort, O)pen, and L)oad. It takes a few minutes but the only thing required of the operator is to switch connections when prompted.

All-in-all this seems to be a nice addition to my test bench.



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