Friday, May 13, 2011

The Poor Ham's Radial Plate

A lot of discussion around building an HF vertical includes talk of a "radial plate" to attach your radial wires to the ground side of your feedline. There are several commercial offerings that look similar to this one from LDG (S9 Antennas):

These are all well and good but they strike me as being a little pricey for what they accomplish. With a little effort and a trip to the hardware store for a piece of aluminum flat stock you can get enough material to build several for about $10 or less. Fabricate yourself something along these lines:

When I originally sketched this I indicated 2" wide flat aluminum. In fact 1" wide stock or even 3/4" would probably work as well and will be less expensive.


Well, ideas abound on simple solutions to this. My buddy Scott NE1RD sent along a link to show the technique he used on the 40 Meter vertical at his new house. Not only is it economical but you don't have to drill any holes yourself!

Plumber's Strap



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NE1RD's Blog said...


Great post! But, I came up with something a bit simpler. All I did for my 40m vertical at the new house was to take a piece of straight metal with holes and bend it in a circle. Here's a picture of the results.

I hope to see you at Dayton and FDIM!

-- Scott (NE1RD)