Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Hope Springs...

I wouldn't exactly say the bottom of the present solar cycle is over yet but some of my recent operating does give hope. Over the past Memorial Day weekend I was able to work quite a few lower power stations on the East Coast, West Coast, Southwest, etc. Happy days may not be exactly here yet but I do think they are returning.

I made two prized contacts this weekend, both on 14.3425 MHz. First was Budd W3FF who I've worked many times but this weekend I finally worked him while he was mobile on his recumbent tricycle in Redding, CA. Second was Steve N0TU. Steve was operating portable from Mt. Herman in Colorado. He frequently backpacks along with his goats Rooster and Peanut.

How do you find these crazy operators? Check out the HFpack group. On any given day, especially weekends, you'll find a bunch of them monitoring one of the HFpack Calling Frequencies, primarily at 14.3425 MHz these days and 18.1575 MHz when the sun spots improve a bit.

I hope to catch you on the air one day soon.



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