Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Radio Can Keep You Humble

Over the July 4th holiday I assembled a Wilderness Radio 30 Meter SST CW rig. This is a nicely done kit with great instructions. I asked myself "How hard could it be?"

Well, I'll report back once I figure out why it won't transmit. I've checked and re-checked and have talked with "QRP Bob" Dyer on the phone for suggestions. I'm confident it will all turn out just fine. One comment for now is that Bob seems like a super nice guy and it's really a pleasure to deal with him. I'm looking forward to putting this on the air.

[Update July 10, 2006]

It seems that somehow during assembly or initial power up tests I have managed to kill the 2N3553 final output transistor. I hate it when I do stuff like that! Anyway, a replacement is in progress and again Bob has been very helpful and patient through the troubleshooting process.

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