Thursday, July 06, 2006

Things I Wonder About Linux...

About people who've "tried" Linux actually.

I have no doubt that Linux vs. Microsoft debates will rage on for years to come. It disapoints me however when someone declares absolutely that one is better than the other with no supporting argument. How could anyone take those people seriously? Proclaiming "XYZ is better!" with no reasoning to substantiate their view is barely even an opinion. Of course, that's just my opinion.

Lately, you read that more people who use a Windows platform have tried Linux. Some seem to give it a fair shake, others seem to quickly give up in frustration over one thing or another proclaiming "Windows is so much easier." For those that quickly dismiss Linux because Windows is easier I wonder how many months or years they've spent becomming accustomed to Windows vs. the amount of time they've spent learning about Linux.

I use both Windows and Linux (Ubuntu) and like them both for a wide variety of tasks. If I were forced to only use one I imagine I could live with either for most of my day to day needs. Both have so many features, options, and possible configurations that I don't think a valid case could be made for saying either one is absolutely better in every single application and situation.


Rob said...
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Rob said...

I was going to leave a comment... but by the time I'd logged in I'd forgotten what it was.

Anyway, welcome to the "blogosphere", Tim. I've added you to Akregator (KDE Newsfeed Parser) and will add you to the links of my blog.

Rob, w0jrm, fp #-330

hank k8dd said...

Guess it depends on what you learn first.
Went from DOS to Unix to MS-DOS OS/2 (before they sold it to IBM) to Windows 3.0 to Novell to Berkley Unix and something called pts Unix for Sequent boxes. Then Windows 3.1, WFW, 95 & NT workstation & Server, Windows 98, Win 2000 workstation and server. And there was a couple of proprietary OS's in there like BTOS, CTOS, Centix, CMS and a little of MCP - all Burroughs / Unisys Corp stuff.
Which one was the best? Probably BTOS/CTOS -- the first real networking software on a box that looked kinda like a PC .... But no mouse! And it was fast.
Windows - Linux
Ford - Chrysler
Blonds - Redheads
Collins - Hallicrafters
Let the buyer (user) beware!


72 73 oo
fred &/or hank
k3dcb k8dd