Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Simple RF Propagation Tool

Some times you're not interested in knowing how a watch works, you just want to know the time. I find it's much the same with RF propagation conditions. I want to use the radio to work another station but don't want to necessarily become a propagation expert to do it.

Julian Moss G4ILO has a wonderful tool called HFProp. He sums things up pretty well: "HFProp was written to satisfy my needs for a program that would show me whether conditions are likely to be good or bad on a particular day on a particular band."

HFProp is free to use although you might consider donating a few bucks to Julian for his efforts. I find that it's pretty good for figuring out useful things like when 17 Meters will be open to California from Illinois, when I can expect to start hearing European DX on 80, etc.

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