Saturday, March 03, 2007

Welcome New Generals!

Welcome to all of the new General (and Extra) class licensees that have appeared on the HF bands since February 23rd when the Morse proficiency requirement officially went away. It's good to hear so many new operators who by and large are doing a great job.

I hope we also hear a lot of Technician and General OPs in the CW portions of the ham bands. With the testing requirement gone you can learn and experiment with CW at a more relaxed pace. Heck, even if you still need a cheat sheet for some of the characters give it a try even if your first efforts are at just a few words a minute. Even if you're not a great CW operator--I'm certainly not compared to many others--it's a lot of fun and can net you some contacts that are unobtainable otherwise.

Tim, N9PUZ