Wednesday, December 09, 2009

DDS Sine Wave Generator

I have not had a chance to experiment with this yet but it's pretty interesting. I ran across a project using an Arduino board from the Academy of Media Arts Cologne where they generate a nice looking sine wave in software from 0 to 16kHz. The project is found here

This picture from the project's web page shows the Arduino board with a low pass output filter and a picture of a generated wave form on the oscilloscope. behind it. The web site mentions they have used a similar system to generate audio tones for a WSPR project as well.


Tim, N9PUZ

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

One of my recent projects was a WM-2 watt meter from Oak Hills Research.

The WM-2 is a solid piece of test equipment with 5% accuracy and three power ranges: 5W, 1W, and 100 mW. I have a couple of small QRP transceiver projects in mind for the winter and the WM-2 seems like it will be a useful addition to my test bench.

Evaluation: The components in the kit are very nice quality. The meter movement and quality of the dial face are very nice. The instructions, while thorough could benefit from a couple of actual pictures vs. drawings in a few places but all in all if you pay attention to the instructions you'll end up with a working instrument right from the start.