Saturday, August 21, 2010

North American QSO Party - SSB

Today was the NAQP - SSB Contest. Originally I wasn't sure if I could participate at all but it turns out I worked the contest for a couple of hours. The bands weren't great. I only operated on 40 and 20 Meters because my antenna decided it wasn't going to load on 15 Meters and by evening 75 Meters was horribly noisy here. I made 39 contacts with only 9 multipliers total.

All wasn't bad though. I had a great time and given condtions I was especially pleased with 39 countacts as I was running 5W QRP with the Flex 1500 SDR. Even with my 5W the other stations only asked for repeats a half dozen times or so. Sometimes I think running QRP is only a problem when the other station knows that you are QRP ;-)