Sunday, January 31, 2010

Things Are Looking Up!

Today's main project was to switch out my network router and clean up some cabling. That involved reconfiguring a wireless LAN bridge between the office and the ham shack. Ultimately it went well but the wireless bridge is always a little cantankerous. Basically it doesn't like change but is a solid performer once you coerce it to change configuration.

There's good in everything though. Since I was in the shack area I fired up the radios and low and behold a couple of the locals on 146.430 were mentioning that signals were being heard on 10 Meters! Wow, It's been a long time since 10 was open. I took a little bit of a break and worked a few stations out East.

I really enjoy 10 Meters. The band was nice and quiet and a lot of stations were perfect copy even at S1 signal levels. Maybe happy days are here again!

73 -- Tim N9PUZ

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Hardware Hacking and Radio Connections

In this a recent blog posting Dan KB6NU writes about hardware hacking. The more I think about it, how cool would it be if manufacturers like Elecraft or Ten-Tec would open source some or all of the software code for their radios so people could develop replacements or extensions?

I'm sure there are parts of that code they wouldn't want to let out but I still think it would be neat if they gave us an API so we could drop in our own filtering, control links, etc.

Speaking of radio control and modifications, the more I use my Icom IC-7200 the more I like it. A favorite feature is the built-in USB port that provides both rig control and access to the on-board audio-codec for digital modes. Once you install the drivers the USB port lets you use the sound card built in to the radio instead of the one in your PC. Makes a very nice single cable solution.

73 -- Tim N9PUZ

Monday, January 18, 2010

Where Does The Time Go?

Hmmm, 18 days without a post. What gives here?

It seems like since the holidays began I've been going non-stop although for the most part it's all been good stuff. The only Ham related item is that in December of 2009 I was elected to the Secretary position of the Sangamon Valley Radio Club here in Springfield, Illinois.

I hope to get back to some radio work and projects soon. Of course I'll be sharing those adventures here.

73 -- Tim, N9PUZ

Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy New Year and Welcome to 2010!

It was a busy December 2009 here. Lots of work and home projects that were necessary but largely uninteresting. I hope everyone's year ended on a good note and that 2010 will be good for you.

I just barely participated in ARRL Straight Key Night last night. Hope to make a few more contacts today.


Tim, N9PUZ