Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The End of CW Exams in the US

The Federal Communications Commission announced that it will shortly publish a Report and Order in the Federal Register that will eliminate the requirement that General and Extra class Hams pass a 5 WPM Morse Code proficiency test. There are those who think this is a good thing and others who think it will be the end of Ham Radio.

Regardless of whether or not you were for the change, against the change, or just didn't care one way or another the debate is over. That ship has sailed and sometime early in 2007 the rule will be that no demonstration of CW proficiency is required to obtain any of the three US Amateur Radio licenses.

The important thing is that current licensees accept those who come after the new rules go into effect as "real Hams." They will have met every legal requirement needed to become licensed. Our job is to Elmer the newcomers, expose them to as much of the good stuff as we are able, and hold them and ourselves to high standards by setting good examples of operating skill, technical accomplishment, and fellowship between Hams.


Tim, N9PUZ