Saturday, October 20, 2007


Well, vacation was over all too quickly but we had a great time.

What can you say about operating W1AW? I was only there for an hour or so but what a whoot! Conditions weren't fantastic but I made about 10 contacts. I highly recommend stopping by to operate if you're ever in the area. People seem to love to work the station and it was a lot of fun to call "CQ CQ DE W1AW."

Another thing that impressed me about W1AW was the equipment. Yes, they have an amazing array of radios, amplifiers, etc. but it was the antennas that made me think. They are equipped to operate all sorts of HF, VHF, UHF but for the most part their antenna systems take up very little space. If you get to thinking your lot is too small to put up an antenna studying some photos of their towers may give you some good ideas.

As for the rest of our trip it was fantastic. The Fall colors were in full swing in New Hampshire and Vermont. We planned to do a lot of goofing off and relaxing and my report is we were very successful.

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